Towards infinity and beyond – or at least 2030!

So we are nearly at the end of February already , sustainability is still high on everyone’s agenda with the 2030 targets all over the media and politicians from around the globe preaching on how we must hit our targets . 
This got me thinking about where we are and what’s happened so far this year and quite a lot has happened so far. In the U.K. we are just getting over two damaging storms and so far in most of the country we have experienced a mild but wet winter with little snow or frost, especially down here in the south west- a sign of things to come in the following decades. Climate change isn’t going away but may be some methods of protesting or raising voices on this issue aren’t the best .
HS2 has been given the go ahead to proceed, not great for the countryside and the negative impact it will have upon it. The agriculture bill was brought into legislation , there seems to be a mixed feeling in this whereas the environment bill has just gone through parliament for the first reading without any issues . This should have a positive impact when it finally come into legislation , especially with the promotion of biodiversity net gain for developments . 
I can not  work out the global extinction lot and this week , by digging up the  lawn outside of Cambridge university they have not  done themselves any favours. So by digging up grass that absorbs carbon  What they don’t seem to realise is that the lawn will be put back in , using petrol powered equipment, possibly importing topsoil and turf therefore having a larger carbon footprint on restoration . Watching them on the news they remind me of some sort of bizarre cult that do what they are told ( couple this week with the guy that stopped the tube train last year and got beaten up by commuters etc) – and on thinking this I had a flash back to the Simpson’s episode where Homer couldn’t be converted ( ‘the leader is good, the leader is great …….!’ It seems to me that they are going do me the ‘green peace’ route of direct action protesting ….each to their own but I feel peoples opinions could shift against them . 

I have a deep interest in physics and technology and how this can be applied to protect / enhance the environment and reduce the current climate emissions problem . This week research scientists in the USA announced a protein nanowire technology that produces electricity from moisture in the air . It’s at early stages yet but could definitely  be a game changer if it can be scaled up and efficiencies proved. The research in smart materials and their use in environmental sensors and other applications is showing promise as well
Going slightly further  than the U.K., it seems that we are still interested in mining the moon and asteroids for their resources as we are exhausting the ones on the earth . This sort of reminds me of the old Wild West with prospectors staking a claim and setting up camp. NASA are interested in the moons resources especially water, Helium-3 and a range of rare earth metals . There is also interest from other countries and private concerns . If you want any positive news in this , then JPL and NASA day it will take 220 million years to deplete 1% of the moons mass – not good news as not only have we depleted the earths minerals and damaged the environment we are now quoting figures in how long it would take to deplete and other planets resources . 
The next few years are going to be interesting , will we got the targets ? If not , how far off will we be?

Will technology be scaled up and proved to be of assistance? Will we look at mining the moon?  If you go back to the physics and believe in the multi universe hypothesis , is there another version of the earth that has been through a similar situation and has sorted its self out or are there multiple earths that haven’t had such problems …. who knows but the run up to the 2030 deadline is going to be interesting and we certainly need to adapt and make changes  or , in the words of a famous Star trek Doctor – ‘it’s life Jim, but not as we know it !!’

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