Demystifying Jargon – Blue Carbon

In this series of Blogs we look to breakdown some of the jargon used in biodiversity, sustainability and conservation. In the first of such blogs we look at blue carbon. What is it? Blue carbon is the carbon captured and stored in coastal and marine ecosystems though you may hear the term ‘sequestered’ being usedContinue reading “Demystifying Jargon – Blue Carbon”

30 by 30

The 30 by 30 campaign was conceived in 2018/19 to protect 30% of the planets terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in a natural state via protected areas or other effective conservation mechanisms, indigenous and community led conservation projects. The strategy consists of three areas: Building political support, ensuring local and indigenous support and boosting funding forContinue reading “30 by 30”

Not all slugs are bad – introducing the Leopard slug ( Limax maximus )

Not all slugs are bad – introducing the Leopard slug (Limax maximus) More than a few British gardeners have some choice words when you mention slugs and snails and they have a myriad of ways to try and stop them from munching on their flowers and vegetables. From slug pellets to copper strips, beer trapsContinue reading “Not all slugs are bad – introducing the Leopard slug ( Limax maximus )”

Connecting with Nature

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu In the last blog we started looking at how connecting with nature can help with mental illness and wellbeing. The concept of ‘forest bathing’ has become a trendy topic in recent years with numerous research articles and other publications extolling the benefits of beingContinue reading “Connecting with Nature”

Plants, mental health and wellbeing

Most of us are very much aware of the prominence of mental heath in the news, especially during their current pandemic, more so with the various lockdown restrictions and the message to ‘stay at home’. Having worked in the land based sector for over 25 years and previously suffering from depression, I am very muchContinue reading “Plants, mental health and wellbeing”

Diving into the wortcunners’ store cupboard again!

Tansy – Tanacetum vulgarae I have a deep interest in plant folklore and herbal use, mainly driven by a close association with my nan whose family spent many generations working on the land in rural Cheshire. A lot of the stories she would tell us when we were kids were about uncles and other relativesContinue reading “Diving into the wortcunners’ store cupboard again!”

Henbane – a witches’ brew!

Henbane ( Hyoscyamus niger ) has long been associated with magic, ritual, murder and healing. A member of the Solanaceae family which includes daily food items such as the potato and tomato, it is highly toxic and along with other toxic members of the family including belladonna and mandrake , has a notorious reputation. NativeContinue reading “Henbane – a witches’ brew!”

In a Prickle

Written by Elaine Gardener (Guest blogger) The adorable hedgehog … voted Britain’s favourite mammal however, numbers show our prickly prehistoric pals are in decline. Important information to make note of: take the time now to locate your nearest hedgehog rescue. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society can be called on (01584 890 801) to provide detailsContinue reading “In a Prickle”