The (not so) humble Dandelion

I love dandelions, no matter what people say about them being a problem ‘weed’ in lawns etc. I also dislike the term ‘weed’, in my eyes a ‘weed’ is just a wildflower in the wrong place. They also are a strong memory from my childhood; blowing the seed heads to tell the time or toContinue reading “The (not so) humble Dandelion”

Recipe ideas in tough times

Recipe links: Most of these are simple easy to make and, mostly with everyday ingredients. Students are always trying to stretch the budget, just adjust the quantities to suit the amount of people. Budget meals, the BBC website has always been a good source of inspiration. More budget friendly meals. reading “Recipe ideas in tough times”

Towards infinity and beyond – or at least 2030!

So we are nearly at the end of February already , sustainability is still high on everyone’s agenda with the 2030 targets all over the media and politicians from around the globe preaching on how we must hit our targets . This got me thinking about where we are and what’s happened so far this yearContinue reading “Towards infinity and beyond – or at least 2030!”

Green motoring, how green are electric vehicles?

With the massive upsurge in usage and ownership of electric vehicles, just how green are they really? is a massive hot topic. Yes the car may produce 0 emissions , but if it’s plugged into the grid, then unless it’s renewable clean energy being generated is it really that green ? There is an awful lotContinue reading “Green motoring, how green are electric vehicles?”

Balsamorhiza sagittata (Oregon sunflower / Arrowleaf balsalm root)

As mentioned in the previous blog, I am interested in plants that have a range of uses and this year one of the species I am trialling will be Balsamorhiza sagittata. Native to the western areas of the USA and Canada, it is a member of the Aster family. In its native range it canContinue reading “Balsamorhiza sagittata (Oregon sunflower / Arrowleaf balsalm root)”

Musings, ramblings and a little bit of plant lore

Can you remember as a child, someone holding a buttercup flower under your chin to see if you liked butter or blowing dandelion seed heads to tell the time or maybe to attract the person that you were attracted to? It’s amazing what pops into my head when I’m traveling long distances on the train!Continue reading “Musings, ramblings and a little bit of plant lore”

Sustainable development goals.

Revisiting the sustainable development goals. Following on from the previous blog  looking at the definition of sustainability  I thought that it would be useful to revisit the sustainable development goals . The sustainable development goals (SDGs) arose from the report ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ which was adopted by all UN member states in 2015.Continue reading “Sustainable development goals.”